Training Services

CSEM, Inc. offers safety training services to meet everyone's needs. 1-888-701-CSEM (2736)

Because no two businesses are the same, we provide safety training services using several different approaches. We believe in supporting our clients with the option to choose the service that would best work for their particular situation.

While many safety training companies today only offer online services, CSEM still believes in providing the option of “live” in-person training. This is still an excellent choice when all employees are available to attend at one location.

However, our safety training services also include the option of using a “live” webinar vs having our instructor travel directly to your facility. Using web-conferencing can also be a cost conscious option. Webinars are also excellent if you have employees scattered all over and don’t necessarily want to pay to have them travel to one location.

Unfortunately busy schedules don’t always allow personnel to get together at one time. With this in mind, CSEM is in the process of implementing a program that would provide 24/7 training services for all of our clients safety needs.

Personalized training is another option for those looking to refresh or update safety compliance requirements.

Get advice about safety compliance consulting opportunities from CSEM, Inc.

On-Site Safety Classes

We come to you! CSEM offers its clients on-site services in a classroom setting or on-the-job location. We are prepared to meet strict deadlines and content needs anywhere in the contiguous 48 United States. Get a FAST QUOTE or look over our COURSE OUTLINES.

Safety Courses Via On-line Webinar

Again, safety training services can also be administered online using “live” or “in-house” web conferencing. The instructor arranges all the details and webinar attendees access the online conference by clicking a link distributed by email invitation. Take a look at our Webinar Course Offerings.

Coming Soon! 24/7 Online CSEM ON-DEMAND™ Safety Courses

CSEM, Inc. will soon offer ON-DEMAND training courses to help businesses overcome the obstacles of travel costs and varied work schedules. CSEM ON-DEMAND™ will deliver safety education through our proprietary learning management system (LMS) 24/7/365 online. See our CSEM.

Individualized Safety Compliance Consulting

Businesses of all sizes and all tenures sometimes need one-on-one guidance to refresh their current safety training programs, to assist with safety compliance issues, or to help them meet newly-instated safety requirements. CSEM, Inc. wants to assist your team as soon as possible. Get advice about safety compliance consulting opportunities from CSEM, Inc. founder Frank Quarato.

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