Join CSEM's Referral Program!

“Safety Products sell Safety Services and Safety Services sell Safety Products.”
CSEM, Inc. provides quality OSHA, EPA, DOT and MSHA mandatory compliance training to your clients which compliment the safety products you sell.

Add value to your products and product training with certificate based, (CEU) credited courses to bring your clients into full compliance with mandated yearly training. Become a valued regional resource to your client’s nationwide! Place and maintain CSEM’s quote tool on your company web-site home page as a special offer to your clients and receive 10% of course profit for any direct referral that is generated by your participation in the program.

Receive instant notice of quote generation in real time!

At the moment of quote, a copy of the client request will be delivered to both your company for silent monitoring and CSEM, Inc. for follow-up.

Regulatory Requirement Satisfaction
CSEM, Inc. will satisfy the regulatory requirements of the client and note any additional equipment needs that the clients project will generate which can be reflected back into your line item offerings.

Product Pull Through
Products that you offer will be highlighted in the course as necessary per the standard and your sales rep will be able to strike when the client’s needs are clear in the minds of their employees.

Additional Value
You make no sales pitches! No Proposals! No additional time demands will be encountered! Your sales person’s efforts will fall upon fertile markets and products will be sold. Your new turn key service/product reputation will begin a buzz within your client base which will provide a win…win…win scenario within this program via CSEM.

How It Works!
Like Magic…really. Most clients need compliance quotes instantly for bids and proposals that they generate daily. Waiting for these bids can be detrimental for the businesses successful acquisition of the opportunity at hand. Many large government contractors and small businesses that serve the government need three competitive bids to secure qualified vendors. CSEM, Inc. has all of our quotes pre-approved through the GSA FSS schedule (contract # GS-10F-0403S) and CSEM is an approved vendor as listed on the CCR as a small business certified HUBZone provider. CSEM’s 20+ years training experience shows us that 97% of the money spent on safety happens when needs dictate a purchase. Having the CSEM instant quote tool places your company at the point of purchase within your client’s speed of need.

Get Started Today!

Contact Sherri at at: csem@csem.com

Option 1: (Promoted Status) Request your link  Place the CSEM Quote tool link onto your company website home page as a teaming partner to receive 10% on all course profits!Installation includes instant notification to your sales rep on any quote generated by your web-site quote tool.

Note: All sales reps can be issued their own quote tool for your company to track participation in the program.

Option 2: (Non-Promoted Status) Place CSEM onto your links page and provide third party service. This option is a non-promoted status and will provide no commission but will provide the sales lead generation.

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