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CSEM.com is a health and safety training company that offers high-quality safety programs for industry, corporate and government agencies. They have been instrumental in winning of and the performance of Government safety training grants fro $135,000.00 to $350,000.00 for industrial clients who were financially challenged by providing safety training to their work force. CSEM as created an independent corporation that has a strong state university affiliation and they offer state-recognized, university-credited continuing education units of OSHA, EPA, and DOT health and safety training. In addition, they offer consulting services for those companies who need them.

CSEM has gained a critical foothold in the Northeastern United States safety service markets while expanding across the US and Canada. They have shown a unique ability to attract and maintain strategic partner’s positions as a company that is growing well into the future. They know the health and safety trends and plans of government offices as well as large private sector firms to out-source safety needs. They have strong leadership and will create an exponentially increased demand for their health and safety services across the country. Their experienced staff strives to create the personalized programs needed to address the specific needs of every client while enhancing their safety culture.

In response to a changing web-based market, major insurance carriers are reaction by outsourcing health and safety functions so that they include loss control and accident investigation. The insurance carriers and insured are represented by CSEM in order to assure that additional exposures and financial losses are minimized. It is the mission of the company to provide high-caliber health and safety training and consulting to all business entities. CSEM provides health and safety training to many different types of companies including construction, general industry, accident investigation, flash training, asbestos awareness and many other areas.

To find the health and safety courses that you need to make yours a safer environment for your workers and for your surroundings, visit www.CSEM.com. They will provide you with an outline of what each of their courses cover so that you can choose a Hazwoper refresher course for those employees who need to refresh their training on handling hazardous waste or Bloodborne pathogens training for those handling tissues and blood. There are areas of concern for health and safety in many different industries and providing your employees with the appropriate training is imperative. You can count on CSEM to have the courses you need for your company and your employees.

Depending on what works best for you, CSEM offers on-site training, webinar training, open courses, or on-line training. If you aren’t sure which type of training will work best for your situation, call CSEM at 1-888-701-2736 to learn more. If you are interested in on-site training, go online to www.CSEM.com and fill out the request form for on-site health and safety training at your company in your state and state how soon you need the training to occur. CSEM will send you a quote by e-mail. Don’t take any chances with the well-being of your employees or your environment. Contact CSEM.com today!

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