Skilled Trades Training

In today’s skilled trades competitive environment, it is more important than ever, to sharpen skill levels to advance your career. Get that training here! In today’s working environment, employers are challenged by project issues of every kind. Employees who are masters of their trade skills can rally around a project to complete it with high quality, on time and under budget.

CSEM’s Skilled Trades Training allows the employees to return to the basics and reaffirm the foundation of their trade. The courses are designed to hone the employee’s skills for immediate results on the front lines of a business. Well trained employees take care to deliver, perform and profit from their skills and build their employers business reputation and demand for services.

Get advice about safety compliance consulting opportunities from CSEM, Inc.

CSEM’s partnership with a state university and professional organizations allows CSEM to offer the student top quality instruction with state university continuing education units and nationally recognized certifications within our skilled trades training. CSEM offers one-on-one training with support for the students available on their time with On-Site, Web-Conference and 24/7 On-Demand training.

The Center for Safety & Environmental Management (CSEM) provides robust safety training and consulting services to government and corporate entities. CSEM offers state-recognized, university-accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Skilled Trades training and education.

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