MSHA Training

As a provider of MSHA training and safety certification courses, CSEM (The Center for Safety & Environmental Management) provides the necessary training in order for you to meet all of your compliance needs.

CSEM provides robust safety training and consulting services to government and corporate entities. CSEM offers state-recognized, university-accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for MSHA training and education.

As a provider of MSHA training and safety certification courses, we provide the necessary training for you to meet all of your compliance needs.

Who & What Is MSHA?

The primary goal of MSHA aka Mine Safety and Health Administration is to promote safe and healthful work environments for the nation’s miners by preventing death, disease, and injury from mining.

In accordance with The Mine Act, two times a year or more, MSHA inspectors are required to inspect each surface mine. Underground mines are to be inspected four times a year (seasonal or irregular operations require less frequent inspections) to conclude whether there is compliance with health and safety standards or with any citation, order, or decision issued under The Mine Act and whether an imminent danger exists. Should any violations of safety or health standards be found, MSHA inspectors will issue citations to the mine operators.

What Our MSHA Training Course Includes:

  • Landmark events such as the Que Creek mine rescue and the Sago mine disaster have dramatically changed the federal agency’s focus on training within the industry. CSEM, Inc. offers focused training to accommodate both the agency’s concerns for training along with the time demands of the mine site operators in order to focus on specific mine site hazards and time constraints to qualify workers under the law.
  • We cover Part 46 surface mining and Part 48 underground training. We also examine the process of preliminary accident reports, fatalgrams and fatal investigation reports that MSHA uses to notify the mining industry of fatalities within the mines. We also focus and put our own spin on the industry’s latest concerns shared by MSHA.gov as well as content rich MSHA video’s posted on YouTube.
  • The instructor will review how MSHA’s “SLAM Program” works – STOP, LOOK, ANALYZE and MANAGE. We will touch on “Risk Assessment Codes” such as – the probability of an accident vs the severity of an accident. We also address crucial issues related to your own individual mining operations and how to best correct them. CSEM is a customer oriented company who still believes in providing strong customer support through excellent training and availability.
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