Motor Vehicles

When working close to oncoming traffic, construction trucks, and equipment, highway and street construction workers run the risk of suffering fatal injuries as well as catastrophic nonfatal injuries. In the United States, the majority of fatalities that take place in work zones for road construction involve a worker being hit by a piece of construction machinery or another vehicle. In this line of work, a worker has an equal chance of being hit by a piece of construction machinery operating inside the work zone as by oncoming traffic.

Goals of the Course

The goal of this course is to train employers to encourage safe driving practices by informing employees about safety procedures and by establishing and upholding driver safety regulations to prevent work-related roadway crashes. It will also teach them about the hazards that may exist in road construction work zones related to either construction equipment or other vehicle.

training requirements of 29 CFR 1910.120(e)(3)(i) defined by Federal OSHA HAZWOPER for general industry.

training requirements of 29 CFR 1926.65(e)(3)(i) defined by Federal OSHA HAZWOPER for construction sector.

HAZWOPER training requirements for EPA and State OSHA guidelines.

Audience Specified

The intentional audience for this course is all those people who are working or maintaining
operation on site. These personnel include
a) Treatment, storage and disposal personnel;
b) Hazardous waste cleanup personnel;
c) Emergency responders (HAZMAT personnel).

Learning Outcome:

At the completion of this course, students will be able to learn:

Training Modules:

Module 1


Module 2

OSHA Standards

Module 3

Construction Information Related To Motor Vehicle Safety

Module 4

Hazards and Solutions

Module 5

Workplace Vehicle Safety

Quiz and Exam Information

Module Quiz

Students are expected to take quiz after every module as a test of their competence. The quiz will
contain short questions from the respective modules.

Examinable Features

Completion time

In order to receive certification, a student must complete
24-hour Hazwoper Course within 6 months after enrollment. After that time period, the student account will expire and a new subscription will be required.
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