EPA Training

The Environmental Protection Agency was promulgated into Law under 40 CFR, (Code of Federal Regulations), to protect our communities and America’s waters. CSEM, Inc. takes a dynamic look at EPA regulations through the years and guides students to a better understanding of the regulation, it’s intended purpose and navigates the rather ambiguous path of compliance to build a better understanding of the dynamics of this organization.

Audiences leave CSEM’s EPA classes with a tool that allows them to understand the necessity of the regulations, the perspective of the regulators and the regulated alike, as well as the community and the media. The Center for Safety & Environmental Managementprovides robust safety training and consulting services to government and corporate entities. CSEM offers state-recognized, university-accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for EPA training and education.

Currently the EPA states seven priorities for the EPA’s future. Discussions are focused on the regulations at hand and with a communication matrix tool students can use to easily navigate the perception of the four parties mentioned above and communicate accordingly.

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