Energy Control Procedures Course

The energy control system gives the approved worker the directions determining how to
eliminate the potential for the surprising and unexpected activation or the start of machinery and
other equipment related to energy or release of accumulated energy.

Goals of the Course

Unsafe energy comes in many structures including power, steam, high-tension air or water, water-driven pressures, and mechanical energy in equipment like presses and machines. What makes this classification of energy and invigorated gadgets dangerous is their exceptionally erratic nature, which presents a risk when taken care of inappropriately. Under conditions, it is challenging to use devices controlled by risky energy sources, yet with little information on the most proficient method to distinguish this power and how to moderate the dangers implied, work can be performed without any danger or risk of an accident.

The significance of an effective working environment security and wellbeing program can’t be overemphasized.

There are many advantages from such a program, including expanded efficiency, next level representative assurance, decreased illness and absentees, and diminished laborers’ remuneration rates.

Proper training will be provided to respond t the emergency situations

Audience Specified

Emergency Response Planning course is an instructor-led course aimed at Supervisors.

Learning Outcomes:

Course Outline:

In our instructional classes, we cover points like these from top to bottom:

Module 1:


Module 2:

What is a Dangerous Energy Control Program?

Module 3:

Approved and unauthorized Workers

Module 4:

Locks, Labels, and Gadgets

Module 5:

Applying and Eliminating Locks and Labels

Module 6:

Group Lockout/Tagout

Module 7:

Preparing and Retraining

Quiz and Exam Information

To get a certificate, a student should effectively finish:
All understanding necessities. The end of the year test with at least 70% and a limit of 3 endeavors and self and course assessment forms. The course duration will be 4 Hours.

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