Electrical Safety 29 CFR 1910.331-335

General Background:

Electrical Safety is governed by OSHA and can be found in the Code of Federal Regulations Under 29 CFR 1910.331-335. The National Safety Council estimates that there are at least 300 deaths annually from on-the-job electrocutions in the United States. Most of these are preventable.

The following course outline is designed to make employees aware of electrical hazards that affect their safety in the workplace.

  1. Overview
    1. How electricity works.
    2. The hazards electricity presents.
    3. How to control electrical hazards.
  2. Understanding Electricity
    1. How electric currents work.
    2. Terms associated with electricity.
    3. Characteristics of static electricity.
    4. Basic principles of electricity.
  3. Electrical Harm
    1. How shock occurs.
    2. Methods to safely direct electricity from a circuit.
    3. Factors that determine shock severity.
    4. Types of electrical burns that result from shock.
    5. Actions to take with shock victims.
  4. Electrical Hazards
    1. Common causes of electrical hazards.
    2. Electrical hazards of equipment.
    3. Unsafe workplaces.
    4. Characteristics of unsafe work practices.
  5. Electrical Protections
    1. Safe Equipment.
    2. Safe workplaces.
    3. Safe work practices.
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