8-Hour HAZWOPER Supervisory 29 CFR 1910.120

General Background:

Hazardous Material is a serious safety and health problem that continues to endanger human life, animal life and environmental quality. Unless hazardous materials are properly treated, stored, or disposed of, it will continue to do great harm to our environment. There are an estimated 575,000 existing chemical products, and hundreds of new ones being introduced annually. This poses a serious problem for exposed workers and their employer.

The following course outline is designed to make Supervisors aware of the hazards involved when working with and / or around hazardous material, how to control those hazards and what a Supervisor’s role / responsibilities are.

Introduction of Program

  1. Historical review of regulations.
  2. Review of applicable standards (OSHA, EPA, DOT).

Required Plans and Programs for Hazardous Waste Operations

  1. Health and Safety Plan
  2. Respiratory Protection
  4. Sample Site Specific Programs

Information Documentation

  1. Accident Report
  2. Air Monitoring
  3. Equipment Checklist
  4. Emergency Reference
  5. Excavation Checklists
  6. Fit Testing
  7. Health and Safety Daily Log
  8. Heat Stress
  9. Medical Documentation
  10. Sign In / Sign Out
  11. Training Log


  1. Training Model
  2. Identifying Training Needs
  3. Index of Training Requirements – General Industry
  4. Index of Training Requirements – Construction

Management of Emergency Procedures

  1. Site Emergencies
  2. Spill Control

Community Relations & Avoiding Discrimination

  1. …And Baby Makes Three
  2. Glitch In The System

OSHA Compliance

  1. Inspections
  2. Audits
  3. Regulatory Agenda

Hazardous Waste Management

  1. Manifest System

NOTE: CSEM, Inc. may be contacted in the future to schedule a workplace evaluation and program review in an effort to help maintain compliance.

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